Big Brother 25 live feed spoilers: Likely targets, beyond this week

Big Brother 25

We already know what the stakes are in the Big Brother 25 house this week — either Cameron or Jared is coming back. This is going to be a slog and to think, we are days away from anything.

What does that mean for the players? Well, that’s pretty simple: A chance for them to try to read one another and better understand the path ahead. We do think that a lot of people already have some targets picked up and with that, there are clearly a number of people who definitely need the next Head of Household.

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So where should we start? Well, let’s just say that it’s hard to say that there are two defined groups. Sure, you can say that Cory, America, Matt, and Jag are together, and that Bowie Jane (who had a surprisingly large number of game conversations today) is somewhat of a #5. However, Cory has developed some sort of game relationship with Mecole, and that could help him and America if she wins Head of Household.  On the flip side, Matt and Jag are more worried about Mecole and good go after her and Felicia.

Now, a lot of this could change depending on what happens with the returning “Zombie.” If it’s Jared, he will probably be targeted by a lot of people. Cameron could too, but Cirie being a loner to some extent if Jared leaves is taking her off of some players’ radar for the time being.

Who is probably in the best spot now?

In terms of not being a target immediately, most likely Blue or America since they’re not a top priority of anyone right now. The only way America goes is if she and Cory are up, Cory wins Veto, and people are desperate to split up the showmance.

While there has been a lot of circling and re-circling possible alliances over the past few hours, things remain fairly quiet — but the houseguests just got some booze, so that could change at least a few things here.

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Who do you think is the likely next target on Big Brother 25 after the twist?

Share in the comments, and come back to get some other information very soon.

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