‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ cast dreams: Let’s talk family members!

SurvivorLast night, we officially caught word on the new title for “Survivor” season 27: “Survivor: Blood vs. Water.” If you of course know the old adage that “blood is thicker than water,” and have also read what we reported earlier this month via Reality Blurred, then it is still easy to assume that family members are somehow going to play a role in what we are going to see. Even the logo image suggests that people are going to be playing together in some sort of familial fashion.

We should point out that CBS never confirmed on the “Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites” reunion show that there are returning players, but we imagine that it will happen given that the gimmick is not nearly as cool if this is an “Amazing Race”-style game with two people who we don’t know as viewers. We don’t want to rehash returning players since we’ve already talked about it; instead, the goal here is to try and figure out whether or not there are any notable family members from the show’s past who can come back.

The truth is, having 26 seasons (with most of them having family visits) is a ton to remember, and we’re sure that we will leave a few off. This is where you come in! Give us some of your favorites that have been on the show before (or haven’t), and tell us why you agree / disagree with ours. The following is not a cast list or an even dream cast list so much as memorable family members that we’d love to either return to the show or appear for the first time.

Rupert Boneham’s wife – She’s been a repeat family visit participant, and we always find it endearing when a woman loves a man with that enormous of a beard.

Big Tom Buchanan’s son – He is one of the first people we remember who not only returned back to camp with the castaways, but actually contributed to making it a better place.

Colby Donaldson’s brother – We know Colby should never play again after that “Heroes vs. Villains” disaster, but we’d love to hear him yell at his brother a little more.

Kat Edorsson’s cousin – This was one of the craziest / weirdest family visits ever, with the two seemingly speaking in some sort of tongues while rolling around in the dirt. Greatest idea ever to bring them back?

Malcolm’s goofball brother – Three seasons in a row is probably too much Malcolm, but the guy’s brother needs to be on a reality show again!

Shane Powers and his son – Shane’s son should be old enough now, and this is largely an excuse for us to have more Shane on our TV sets.

Taj George’s husband – Yep. Eddie George. Get that star power, “Survivor”!

Holly Hoffman’s husband – For those of you who wanted to see Holly on this season over Dawn, this is your chance to have it happen here.

Cirie Fields’ husband – More Cirie? Yes please, and we already know her husband pretty well thanks to the show.

Rob Cesternino’s wife – Granted, Rob and Nicole announced on their podcast last night that she is pregnant, so unless this is all some sort of elaborate ploy to trick us, it’s not going to happen.

If you’re still hungry for more post-“Survivor” finale chatter, we have a handy link for you here where there are interviews and so much more analysis of the crazy past 24 hours.

Photo: CBS

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