‘Dexter’ season 8: 30 awesome minutes via John Lithgow

DexterNo, we are not here to report that the Trinity Killer is being brought back from the dead for the eighth and final season of “Dexter.” We thought it best to probably get that out of the way now to create a little less panic later. What we are here to do, however, is share something that is very cool in its own right: a super-interesting 30-minute chat that Scott Reynolds (one of the story masterminds for the Showtime hit) had with John Lithgow for his Wrap-Up podcast. As a podcast fanatic that literally cooks, cleans, and shops at the store while listening to one, this is one of the cooler finds of the past several months.

If you ask the majority of “Dexter” fans, they will probably point to season 4 as a high point, and Trinity as the best Big Bad. (He and Jimmy Smits’ Miguel Prado are personal favorites.) We also know the sort of schedule that Lithgow has, so just hearing him on any podcast is lovely.This is one of those men who is talented and accomplished enough to literally pick and choose everything that he wants to do.

So to hear Reynolds pick his brain a little about playing Trinity? We don’t want to really give away much of anything, but it’s a great chat to listen to if you are a Lithgow or a “Dexter” fan. The guy has a great perspective on playing roles, and the legacy that he has both on this show and beyond. Plus, let’s face it: It is not often where you get 30-minute interviews where an actor will talk about the show.

Don’t worry if you are here primarily to find out some more “Dexter” season 8 scoop: We also have something for you! Pay a visit over to the link here, as you will have a chance to get some news on a “Sons of Anarchy” actor who is going to be immersing themselves in the cast.

Photo: Showtime

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