‘Mad Men’ season 6, episode 7 review: Don vs Ted round one

Mad Men, TedOn tonight’s episode of “Mad Men” season 6 it’s complete chaos at SCDP as Ted and Don’s companies merge, but it looks like it’s a pretty great partnership so far, for everyone but Peggy, who still seems a little thrown off coming back to work under Don again.

Ted: Everyone in the office loves Ted: He’s kind, charming and chivalrous to all women. This seems to awaken something in Don that makes him want to be even more controlling then he usually is over everyone. Ted is confused as to why Don seems more interested in him then the work.

Don: His affair with his friend’s wife is still going strong and even though there is chaos at the office, he is still making time to see her. When he does see her he finds himself ordering her around and power-tripping all over her. He is being overly dominate and while at first it seems that she is enjoying, she decides to end things with him and go home to her husband. Don begs her to stay, but she stands firm on her decision.

SCDP: Don and Ted are already clashing as Don feels all work meetings will wait for him, but Ted starts the meetings promptly on time – with or without Don. When Don decides to drink Ted into a stupor, the work day quickly comes to an end for everyone, but the person who’s really affected by it is Peggy as she is afraid that working with Don is going to turn Ted into another Don. Peggy goes into Don’s office and tells him off for trying to destroy Ted, but all Don hits her back with barb after barb.

Joan: After experiencing some stomach pains, she heads to the hospital with Bob from accounting who clearly likes Joan. He gets her into see a doctor before many of the other patients waiting and it turns out to be a cyst on her ovary.

Do you think that Don’s controlling nature over his mistress has gotten out of control?  Who do you think will become victorious in the battle between Ted and Don or do you think they will find a level playing field at some point? Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of tonight’s episode of “Mad Men” season 6.

Photo: AMC

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