‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 finale review: Hook, Neverland, and Peter Pan?

Once Upon a TimeAnytime that you go into a season finale of a show, the word game-changer tends to come to mind more often than not. Not only did a show like “Once Upon a Time” have the enormous challenge this week of tying together multiple storylines and creating shocking moments, but there was also the question of dropping that massive hook (pun very much intended) to keep you invested in what should be a very interesting third season.

Let’s start with the past, since that is in many ways what ended up mattering the most here. In the flashbacks, we finally had an opportunity to see what in the world was going on with Captain Hook and Baelfire, which turned out to be an interesting, strange, soap-opera. Hook wanted to see the boy as his son given the relationship with his mother, but once the young Baelfire learned the dreadful truth about how he was being used for a revenge plot that he wanted no part of whatsoever, he wanted to get the heck off that ship.

Hook’s move to ship Baelfire off to the Lost Boys was long-expected, but what lovely work in here from Colin O’Donoghue in the process.

Back in Storybrooke, there is little questioning that the objective was rather simple: To just find a way to stay alive, and not have Storybrooke blown into smithereens. Was the end predictable here? Sure! Working together yields good results, and Emma and Regina saved the day! Sadly, they still encountered an oh-so tragic problem that came courtesy of Tamara and Greg, who decided that if they were unable to get everything that they wanted from destroying the town’s magic, they would take something (or someone) else which was Henry.

In conclusion, the show literally and figuratively charted a course for the new season. The Charming family, including Hook and Regina, all took off on the ship in order to find Henry, who went through a portal to another world. Thankfully, they had Hook deciding at the last minute to join them as a measure of redemption.

Now, there’s that epic cliffhanger: Neverland is in sight, and it is a place that Hook surely knows well. However, it turns out that the Peter Pan that you know would be absolutely terrified by the Peter Pan we’re about to seriously deal with. Be afraid, but be bouncing-off-the-walls excited.

What’s your immediate emotional reaction to the “Once Upon a Time” finale? We want to hear some of your thoughts on this very matter below! While there may not be a whole lot of scoop out there on season 3 of the show, there are still a few things that you can check out over here.

Photo: ABC

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