ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5 finale spoilers: ‘Watershed’ sneak peeks, Beckett’s secret

CastleIf there is one piece of advice that we give you before checking out some of the sneak peeks below from Monday night’s “Castle” finale, it’s to hug something very close, like a puppy or your mom. Are Castle and Beckett going to be actually be over? We can’t answer that just yet, but she does something to him that’s far worse than him just not paying enough attention to her while playing video games.

If you remember from last week, Beckett found out about a job opportunity in Washington DC thanks to some of her detective skills (which are indeed superior). Given that it is a chance to get some more interesting work and probably make more money, of course she’s interested in the job! This leads to a job interview, and Beckett tying back her hair even more so than usual.

Sadly for Beckett, there is one dramatic oversight with her plan: That you know, there is a guy who loves and cares for her. Does he have a problem with opening up and committing? Sure, but you haven’t fully explained your issues to him. Not only that, but you don’t tell him about this interview a few episodes after he helps to save your life and is there with you while you are nearly are blown up by a bomb. To be frank, her sudden choice to blow him off when it comes to this news feels a little strange.

Finally, we turn to a video that we may or may not be putting right into the timeline (mostly because there’s no context for it): Beckett has a confession that she needs to make to Castle. What is it? We’ve heard the talk about her maybe being pregnant, but we don’t think that’s likely because 1) she would probably not talk about having a secret to Ryan and Esposito before Castle (even if she does not disclose it) if that was a case, and 2) this feels too similar to Booth and Brennan having a kid before they were married.

There are some other great moments for Beckett that are referenced here, so be sure to find out more about them! We will also have some more scoop on the “Castle” finale in the morning, so stay tuned.

Photo: ABC

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