MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 3 spoilers: A new love interest on the scene

AwkwardWhen you are in high school, romance runs as rampant as the flu, and on a series like “Awkward” it never seems to leave the conversation for longer than a few minutes. The fact that the series is still so great despite the reliance on this one thing is largely a testament to the writing staff.

For the time being, it does appear that we have a set of characters in reasonably-happy relationships in Jenna / Matty and Jake / Tamara, but who knows how long it’ll stay that way? As a matter of fact, the latest bit of casting intel suggests already that there could be some trouble in paradise. Cue the teen angst music!

According to E! News, producers are currently looking to cast a character of a good-looking female soccer player at the end of the season. That’s literally all we know about her, save that she’s actually a pretty nice person (which means that Sadie will probably hate her), and she will serve as a love interest for someone. Is it Jake or Matty? Not necessarily, but we know already that there are many bumps ahead still for Matty and Jenna, even though that ridiculous living situation seems to be taken care of for now.

One of the biggest struggles coming up for Matty may just be a certain classmate of Jenna’s played by Nolan Funk. He’s almost the existential bad boy in any 1980s movie with a heart of gold somewhere underneath, and he is the complete yin to Matty’s yang. Who knows? Maybe getting closer to Matty could end up with her just pulling away.

We understand if you want more “Awkward” news. That’s why we’re here! We also have some great scoop about some student council elections coming up, if you have not seen it already.

Photo: MTV

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