‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 finale spoilers: Rumpelstiltskin looks in the mirror

Robert CarlyleThere’s being a villain, and then there’s falling on your own magic sword. When it comes to Rumpelstiltskin on “Once Upon a Time,” we’re pretty sure he’s being the latter in the latest sneak peek below from Sunday night’s season finale.

The scene opens with some pretty clear evidence that this is probably not going to end well. Robert Carlyle’s character is informed of some pretty stunning / sad news via David and Mary Margaret which is that Tamara shot his son, who then fell through a portal to another world. The good news that comes out of this is that there is a mild chance that maybe he’s alive somewhere else, mostly because we’d personally want to believe that the producers would show him dead had they truly intended it to be so. However, the bad news is that not even some of these miracle-believers are willing to really look at this as much of a possibility at all.

Instead, Rumple’s alter ego Mr. Gold chooses to do something that will make viewers from California to real-life Maine scream “don’t do it!” at your TV: Accepts his fate as a punishment of his actions. “Magic comes with a price” has been said enough to become a drinking game, and on this occasion he believes that the price for him bringing magic into Storybrooke is his own death.

Here’s the sarcastically-small problem with that: He’s not the only character that is going to die from Greg and Tamara igniting the fail-safe. Everyone is in serious danger, and for the first time really ever these magical people are going to have to become the fairy-tale avengers to find a way to survive. We don’t think that they will be holding hands in a circle once this is over, but clearly, they all need each other now.

You can debate this perspective on the potential destruction of Storybrooke from now straight on until when the finale airs; or, you can watch another sneak peek from Captain Hook’s perspective here. It’s your choice on how you wish to prepare yourself for a crazy hour of TV.

Photo: ABC

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