‘All-Star Celebrity Apprentice’ preview: Should Lil Jon, Penn Jillette be finalists?

The Celebrity ApprenticeWhile the “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” finale is not until a week from tomorrow, you may as well consider the show ahead to be the beginning of the end. It is during this 90-minute spectacular that you will first have the opportunity to learn who Donald Trump fires, and who will be squaring off in the epic, likely-cheesy confrontation in order to be sitting on the golden throne (which, in Trump’s case, could actually be a golden toilet).

So who are the most likely contenders? We’re diving back to the rankings here to figure this out, though we admit that this is not even remotely cut-and-dry. It may just depend on what the Donald’s mood is, or what showdown he thinks will produce the best ratings. All we have to say right now is that if Penn Jillette is not there, somebody probably needs to fire the fire-r.

The rankings!

4. Lisa Rinna – We can almost telegraph Trump’s speech to Lisa now. “Lisa, I think you’re fantastic. You’ve done a great job. You’re a superstar, you’re going to do great things, and you’re fired.” There is no real leg to stand on for firing a woman with this impressive a win-loss record, including two victories as Project Manager. What she has going against her is that Penn contributed heavily to both of her victories, and she’s probably the least-exciting name left on a season that was really front-loaded with better male stars than women (which is kind of the opposite of “Dancing with the Stars” this year).

3. Trace Adkins – It would not shock us at all if Trump puts Trace in the finale just for ratings, but does he really deserve it? Sure, the guy has won twice as a Project Manager, but the past month or so he seems more interested in taking a nap than he does trying to compete. We believe a great deal in edit on a show like this, and while we loved Trace the first time around and wanted to root for him, we get less excited about the new, jaded-to-the-tenth-degree country crooner.

2. Lil Jon – We admit to being an unabashed Lil Jon fan, and maybe that clouds our judgment a little. He is the only person left with a loss as Project Manager, even if it was for a fundraiser that was not entirely his fault. He’s also been in jeopardy a few times on a losing team. But he’s energetic! And creative! Lil Jon also knows what it was like to be fired at the final four, which nobody else in this group does. Maybe that’s an advantage.

1. Penn Jillette – We don’t see how Penn loses this season. He’s barely lost all season long, has been responsible for many wins, has the Blue Man Group and Teller at beck and call, and you know that he’ll bring in the star power for the finale. We were shocked to see him fired last time, but with his edit there is zero justification that Trump has right now to send him packing. Zero.

This is only the beginning of the conversation. Who do you think should survive, and ultimately win? The poll below is awaiting your answer! There is some more news over here, and we’ll be around tomorrow night to see the excessive over-praising, the panic, and Trump’s hair flapping in the wind along with all of you.

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