‘The Voice’ UK review: Cleo Higgins, Adam Barron, and Ash Morgan ‘battle’ it out

The VoiceThe battle rounds on “The Voice” UK arrived today, and it is possible that the very thought of this caused you to yawn. We admit that there is a part of us as a writer that finds covering a show like this without commercials exhausting, mostly because it’s like information overload.

When it comes to the implementation of the steal for the first time on the British version of the show, we admit that it really needs a little bit of work. We don’t like how the coaches have to justify themselves if they don’t use the save, because at that point, the contestants don’t need to be patronized: Just take your bow, and gracefully move on with your life! Check out some of the highlights below, as this was quite the weird-and-wacky hour and a half of commercial-free TV.

Jamie Bruce vs. LB Robinson (Tom Jones) – The first battle that happened was two guys who genuinely seemed to like each. From the basic standpoint of “isn’t that nice,” it is always nice to see two people who legitimately get along even if that does not exactly create much in the way of drama. Winner: Jamie, and LB is sent home.

Jordan Lee Davies vs. Matt Henry (will.i.am) – For one, we just can’t take this seriously with that suit that Jordan was wearing. What in the world was he trying to do with that? This is a very interesting / risky strategy that Will has here. He doesn’t seem to be all that interested in winning so much as ensuring his team all stays. He picked Jordan (who was probably unlikely to be saved), knowing that a likely result of Matt being saved. Winner: Jordan, with Matt joining Jessie J.

Andrea Begley vs. Alice Barlow (Danny O’Donoghue) – Team Danny has two very different vocalists here: An artist who can barely see in Andrea, and a former “Hollyoaks” star in Alice. It’s a fun pairing, no? However, the truth of the matter here is that this show all about the voice rather than your resume. Andrea also probably needs this show more than someone well-connected in this crazy showbiz industry. Winner: Andrea, and Alice is sent home.

Katie Benbow vs. Sarah Cassidy (Jessie J) – The battle was a close one, but we’re not here to speak much of Sarah’s victory over Katie. Instead, we have come to bury Katie for a pair of reasons: First, she didn’t admit that she was unhappy with the song choice in preparing for the battle. Then, she admitted it after the fact, and in that case you just look bitter. Boos all around. Winner: Sarah, and Katie is sent home.

Nu-Tarna vs. Cleo Higgins (will.i.am) – Does Nu-Tarna have to give Rihanna royalties every time they sing her name like it’s that “What’s My Name” song. We just find them rather irritating to be frank, and they are trying about a million times too hard to be huge with their voices when they do not really need to. Cleo, meanwhile, seemed to win just for being somewhat restrained. Winner: Cleo, with Nu-Tarna going home.

Ash Morgan vs. Adam Barron (Jessie J) – It’s the battle of men in closing this off! We still wish that Adam’s screaming fiancee was on another reality show, since she was just as entertaining as he is. These two guys were just a little bit of raspy greatness, and we loved every second of this. The best, most balanced battle of the night, and it felt genuinely like two people singing a duet (which is the first time all night we have said that). The moment this battle was over, we were literally kneeling on the ground for Adam and his Fabio hair to get another shot if he wasn’t the winner and he did. Winner: Ash, with Adam joining Tom’s team.

So what’s your take on the battle rounds this year: Did you actually like the save, or is this still the worst of the worst when it comes to this show? We have some more “Voice” UK coverage here, just in case you absolutely cannot get enough.

Photo: BBC

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