‘The Neighbors,’ ‘The Mindy Project,’ and the head-turning renewal news

The NeighborsPut yourself in a time machine for a minute, and travel back all the way to September. The new season is starting, there’s hope, smiles, and promise, and it really feels like we’re going places. We like to imagine this is how the network programming heads start up their morning while drinking their coffee in the mug-that-is-probably-made-out-of-gold.

Now, bring yourself back to the present, and get ready to watch that network exec spit their coffee all over the floor in shock. Out of all of the new comedies ordered by the big four networks this year (which included two on CBS, three on Fox, 4 on NBC, and more than we can count on NBC), only two ended up getting renewed for another season. Yep, only two. You may have heard the news about some of mass cancellations yesterday, and we don’t want to sit here and play a funeral dirge today if you’re looking to pick yourself up. Let’s instead talk about the two shows that actually are picked up for 22 more episodes each.

“The Neighbors” – The irony here is that we watched the premiere of this show, and hated it. So much so that we figured that it would be canceled in six weeks. We hear it got better, but in the midst of covering 50 or so other shows we never got a chance to tune back in. We understand the logic of bringing “The Neighbors” back opinions aside: It plays well for a younger audience, and it probably would fare well on Fridays alongside “Last Man Standing.”

“The Mindy Project” – Meanwhile, the irony here is that “The Mindy Project” was not any better-rated than “Go On” on NBC, “Partners” on CBS, or “How to Live With Your Parents” on ABC. It just aired on Fox, where comedies have good demo ratings, but viewer numbers that are nearly at CW levels. Sorry, but it’s true.

Did you ever imagine that these would be the last two new comedies standing in a million years? As a way to prepare for a new season, we’ve set up a new Fall TV tag. So get to bookmarking, and if you’re ever looking for anything about new shows or the upcoming schedule without rooting through anything else, you know where to go.

Photo: ABC

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