‘Britain’s Got Talent’ preview: Philip Green is very weird … and very funny

Britain's Got TalentThere is nothing we adore more than a “Britain’s Got Talent” audition that is completely brilliant, and that is what we feel at present about Philip Green. To be honest, if this guy ever came to your front door, odds are you would probably want to slam it in his face. As a matter of fact, he is probably two seconds away in the video below from crossing over the “entertaining” line to strictly becoming annoying.

But since we are a kind and generous soul (plus one that prefers the British sensibility to the countless sob stories in America), we can get behind the level of talent that Philip brings to his craft. To be honest, we don’t get a good many of his impressions, just because he understandably sticks with some that are very British. (If he started doing Clint Eastwood, then we would be shocked.) The clip cuts off before we get the opportunity to clap for Philip Green just for being amazing, but we assume based on the cheers alone that he’s moving on.

This is going to be a rather big week for the competition. For the first time, we’re moving to both nights over the weekend in order to wrap up with the auditions / continue to scare the pants off of “The Voice” UK. Bold move, right? Well, maybe. We just don’t like the idea of Sunday television becoming more crowded than it already is, even if we do love “Britain’s Got Talent” on a reasonably-unhealthy level. (Just wait until it’s a week straight of new episodes!)

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Photo: ITV

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