NBC’s ‘Community’: This Dan Harmon story may make your mind melt

CommunityIf you don’t like “Community,” we understand if you are feeling a little annoyed with us today. We we’ve written about the show quite a bit, but it’s with good reason! After all, it’s renewal day, and this is a bit like a national holiday anytime we get a chance to talk about the show getting a step closer to that six seasons and a movie prophecy that Abed made back during the mock season 2 clip show.

As if you were not excited enough, allow us to toy with your emotions even more. (Insert super-villain laugh here.) According to Deadline, now that we are one year removed from the stunning, disappointing, and darkest-timelining (created the word there) dismissal of creator Dan Harmon as showrunner, there is some interest on the part of NBC and Sony Pictures TV of bringing him back for what could be the show’s end. One of the big reasons behind his departure from the show to begin with was his bitter feud with Chevy Chase, and that is now over given that Chevy high-tailed it from the show this past fall after some more incidents.

So could Harmon actually return? We’re not going to hold our breath. Even if the studio is interested, will Dan reconcile the fact that there is now a year in the show’s timeline that he was not responsible for? While we would personally find it hilarious if he comes up with some sort of meta excuse for senior four and pretends as though it never happened on the show, that probably wouldn’t happen. Harmon has also admitted that there were other issues related to his exit, including some related to the budget, and who knows if those issues would still be there.

On a personal note, season 2 of “Community” was the best season of any TV comedy at its time since “The Office” season 2. It was moving, exciting, and wore its freak flag like it was in a parade. Then, season 4 made fun of people at a sci-fi convention. Totally uncool uncool uncool, as we imagine Abed would say. Dan’s no doubt a genius, but since it’s too early in the process, we don’t want to get our hopes up.

One final thing worth mentioning here? If “Community” had been canceled today, it looked like there would have been another unnamed network that would have picked it up. The show had suitors, which led NBC in part to the renewal. Granted, at this point we almost want a sixth season, as well … for a reason you’re probably well aware of if you’ve made it this far.

In case you didn’t hear, season 5 is likely to be 13 episodes … for now.

Photo: NBC

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