‘Hart of Dixie’ season 3 debate: Zoe’s game to play with Wade, George, and Jonah

Hart of Dixie“Hart of Dixie” wrapped things up on Tuesday night, and thus the memories of “On the Road Again” are probably still playing through your mind like that Willie Nelson song does every time you hear that title.

But what comes next, and what do you want to be come next? To be honest, we’re not even sure that the writers have a firm answer to that just yet. The show is still working to plot and plan everything out for the new year, and this includes the romantic story-lines surrounding Zoe Hart that blanket the show at almost every turn.

So who in the name of all that is tasty, fried-up, and holy is Zoe going to end up with in the new year? We can approach this almost like a Dating Game-sort of scenario, mostly thanks to the fact that the show gave us yet another open ending where anything could happen (now start playing that song through your head a few more times).

Bachelor #1 – George. He’s just gotten out of another long-term relationship, even though Mircea Monroe could still be back again as Tansy. What’s he bring to the table? Good looks, a great job, and a history of being devoted to Zoe to the point that he would call off his own wedding. The guy is all romantic-comedy levels of being in love with her.

Bachelor #2 – Wade. He loves her, likes to wear no shirt, and has the sort of sass she seems to love. The problem is that oh-so tiny wrinkle that he cheated on her. A hookup does not make a make-up.

Bachelor #3 – Jonah. Courtesy of being on board a flight with her at the end, Jonah clearly won the battle in the finale. He’s also good-looking (natch), has a great job, and there’s one major advantage here over the other suitors: Little emotional baggage, whether it be cheating or dating someone else important to Bluebell.

So now, put your best game-show host announcer voice on …. who is Zoe going to choose? Make your vote in our handy poll or leave us a comment and tell us who you want to see Zoe end up with nest season.

Photo: The CW


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