ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 2 finale spoilers: Fitz wants Olivia to do WHAT?

ScandalSurprise, surprise. It is the season finale to a show coming up next week, and we’re already hearing talk about the famous “m word” being thrown around: Marriage! Specifically, we’re looking at it this time in the context of Olivia and Fitz, and the show here is ABC’s classic showcase of all things drama in “Scandal.”

Do you think that Fitz is going to get down on one knee and offer up some sort of heartfelt proposal to Olivia Pope, while still being married to another woman in Mellie? If so, we triumphantly laugh at your notion! Instead, Fitz seems to be playing one of his classic games by going back and forth about marriage saying that he really wants to be with Olivia and maybe it will happen someday, but he’s not really doing that much to make it happen at this point.

Olivia has avoided that dreaded scarlet letter, but how much longer will it last? Plus, is Cyrus about to die in the middle of the street, and what happens next to the very surprising mole? When it comes to the latter question, we are assuming that the only reason that we did not know he was alive is simply because he had managed to bury himself into the ground to where no one could see him.

The promo also makes one of those bold proclamations that you really have to love that if you don’t watch this finale live, terrible things are going to happen and you are going to “kick yourself” if you miss it. We don’t really know if that is altogether possible, but one thing we can promise is that Twitter will probably ruin it for you based on how often this show trends.

We are going to have more “Scandal” scoop almost every day leading up to the episode, so be sure to keep checking back. Trust us: We’re just as excited here to finally figure this story out as you are.

Photo: ABC

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