‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8 finale spoilers: A possible ‘who is the mother?’ tease

How I Met Your MotherSomeone at the “How I Met Your Mother” promo department over at CBS is either very sneaky, or very, very kind. Either way, you have to love the prospect of what is being teased in the video below for Monday night’s super-secret season finale: An opportunity, after all this time, to learn what is the “mother of all secrets.”

Unfortunately, we sincerely, 130% doubt that this is actually going to be about the identity of Ted’s future wife. Will we have another hint in there? Sure. But if you reveal the mother now, what are the next 24 episodes going to be about? Does the show change to “How I Met and Then Started Dating Your Mother”? We don’t think so. Somehow, those tricky little writer devils are going to find another way to keep us guessing.

We would be satisfied at this point to learn about one of the show’s other loose ends. We’ve proclaimed this before to be the “Lost” of comedy series, and we’re not joking. While we have no suspicion that everyone is possibly already dead and living in some purgatory-like environment (we welcome any and all “Lost”-rated arguments as to the interpretation of the island), this show does do a great job of leaving things up to the imagination. For example, we still have no idea about the conclusion of the slap bet, or what exactly it is Barney does for a living. We also still don’t know what the future is going to hold for Barney and Robin after they get married / if they even get married at all. (We can hear your audible gasp over here.)

The finale (entitled “Something New”) is only days away, and we’re not going to leave you hanging. If you missed out on one of the earlier promos for this episode, check it out here.

Photo: CBS

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