‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9, episode 23 review: Just consider this finale carryover

Grey's Anatomy Season 9Did you enjoy “Grey’s Anatomy” this week, or were you merely frustrated by it? The answer to this question likely falls somewhere in the middle. There was little in the way of storytelling that felt designed for anything other than buildup for what should be a jaw-dropper yet again with Shonda Rhimes signature all over it.

We consider this a review more than a recap, and if you are passionate enough to read this article, then odds are, you already know what happened. We don’t want to focus on the Meredith story, if for no other reason than that this felt almost complete cliche in the way it was handled. Of course Meredith was going to go into labor at a terrible time, and of course she is going to be put into a horrible circumstance while giving birth. After what she went through with the shooting and the plane crash, isn’t that enough? This story feels almost like eating a giant bag of cookies: You know that at a certain point, the whole thing’s going to make you sick. And yet, you keep eating.

What we come here to praise is the way that this whole Alex / Jo storyline is being handled. Having Alex draw closer to her thanks in part to a situation of violence involving her boyfriend was appropriate. It put him in a situation where he could genuinely make amends, rather than just wear a d-bag grin on his face for more scenes. When she asked him at the tail end of the episode why he was so intent on helping her, even to the point of “killing” the man responsible, she probably knew the answer deep down, but she just wanted to hear him say it.

Can you absolutely not wait for the finale? We understand, which is why we have you covered with some early scoop over at the link here.

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