‘Two and a Half Men’ season 10 finale review: Alan and Jake bond

Two and a Half Men

On tonight’s finale of “Two and a Half Men” season 10 we expected some laughs, some awkward moments and maybe even a few moments that make us go “awwww”, so did it deliver?

Walden goes on a date with a 22 year old, but as it turns out he’s kind of over the young, drunk, pretty girls that always seem to have a little dog in their purses, so he decides to drop her off and go home, but when he meets her grandmother Walden finds that she is someone that he really connects with. Walden works a way to spend more time with the grandmother, but she’s hesitant to date him because he was originally dating her granddaughter. Walden’s charm ends up winning her over and they end up spending the night together.

Jake shows up at “home” to tell his dad that he’s being transferred to Japan, and Alan suggests that they spend some quality time together by going on a PG rated road trip to Las Vegas. We were worried that the trip was going to be all sad and mopey, but in between the really nice father/son moments there were a few laughs too.

We know that Angus T. Jones has been moved from a regular series character to a recurring role for the upcoming “Two and a Half Men” season 11, so it wasn’t too surprising to see that his character of Jake was being shipped off to Japan. There were a few nice moments between Jake and Alan, but we wished that there was some more movement on Walden’s life outside of just romance. One thing we did love was the little homage to Charlie Sheen when Alan and Jake were smoking the last of his cigars.

Were you happy with the way that “Two and a Half Men” season 10 ended or are you sad to see Jake move to Japan? Leave us a comment and tell us what you hope to see happen for Walden, Alan and Jake for season 11.

Photo: CBS

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