‘Whitney,’ ‘1600 Penn’ canceled by NBC, ‘Parks and Recreation’ handed season 6, ‘Community’ unclear

Parks and RecreationRemember all of those concerns about “Parks and Recreation” possibly looking at the end of the road this season? Those stories were floating around like ridiculous taunts from your local bully last year, you know those taunts – the ones you didn’t want to believe it was really gonna happen, and you were waiting for the moment when you could just shove it back in their face and while snickering behind your Twinkies.

Well, get ready for a rousing chorus of “bwahahahahaha!”, because NBC has just picked up Amy Poehler’s delightful little Pawnee gem for a sixth season. We’ll be the first to say that when the show first came on, we found it duller than Pong; however, it quickly improved in the same way as another personal fave in “30 Rock,” and now, we’re pretty surely we’ll go through the same sort of convulsions if it happens here.

Of course, you also had to know that NBC was not going to just start handing out renewals to all of their shows like Mountain Dew at a World of Warcraft tournament.  We know that at least two shows have already been kicked to the curb which includes the low-rated (and low-quality) “Whitney”, and the it-should-have-been-better-right-away series “1600 Penn”. We don’t know if viewers are going to miss either one too much, but given that the jury is still out on “Go On,” “The New Normal,” and the network’s constant show that gets strung along “Community,” who all clearly have more devoted fans.

“Parks and Recreation” should be back on this fall, possibly in the former time-slot of “The Office” depending on how much faith NBC has that the new Michael J. Fox series is going to be the next big thing.

The writing on the wall has been here for some time when it comes to these shows: Just look at the story here if you don’t believe us.

Photo: NBC

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