ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 2 spoilers: Could an ‘Arrow’ star fix a fixer?

ScandalAs we near the end of “Scandal” season 2, it is becoming increasingly clear that there are a few worlds that are starting to unravel before our very eyes. When it comes to Fitz, for example, he is basically facing not only the end of his marriage, but the possibility that Mellie could also ruin Olivia Pope’s reputation by making it clear that she is the mistress. Meanwhile, there is also the story still floating out there in regards to the mole, and questions as to where Jake Ballard really fits into this complicated picture.

Luckily, someone is going to be coming in to try and fix the situation, much in the same way that Olivia is famous for. However, this is someone from outside the world of the Gladiators. According to TVLine, the long-mysterious role set to be played by “Arrow” and “Torchwood” actor John Barrowman is going to be some sort of fixer of his own. Unfortunately, the identity of the person that he is fixing is likely still going to be under wraps until the moment that the May 9 episode comes on the air.

“Scandal” is almost sure to end on some sort of cliffhanger, but there is really no question that the series has quite a bit of ground to cover before we even make it to that time. The mole story will at least have some sort of answer to it, and while we don’t expect a firm answer when it comes to Olivia and Fitz, the picture will probably at least be a little clearer than it is at present.

What do you think: Is there a way that Barrowman could try to fix someone like Olivia Pope? We want to hear from you below! Meanwhile, be sure to check out the link here if you’re looking to watch a preview from Thursday night’s all-new “Scandal” episode.

Photo: ABC

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