‘The Following’ season 2 debate: Who should Kevin Bacon square off against?

The FollowingNow that we are able to have a little bit more distance from the season 1 finale of “The Following” last week, we like to think that we now have a little bit more in the way of perspective on the show, and where Ryan Hardy and the rest of his team can head next.

At the end of the day, there are two ways to look at this show: As something close to reality, or pure fiction designed to shock and entertain. There have been realistic moments in the story for sure, but one of the greatest pieces of criticism is that it has forced you at times to suspend belief at a higher level than many were committed to doing. Personally, we look at it this way: TV is escapism, and since this show is at its best when it is shocking and at times grossly over-the-top, we have no problem with it continuing to go down that direction.

Therefore, we may as well start things off here with the first of what we see as three possible options for “The Following” season 2 and that is leaving Joe Carroll alive, since this is the direction that we see the upcoming season ultimately heading. After all, the man was never shown dead, and if you have a talent like James Purefoy on your cast, why let that go? While we don’t know if you can have four or five seasons milking the same battle of good vs. evil, why not have another fifteen or so episodes?

Another interesting option here? Have Carroll still around as some sort of evil adviser, but have the primary villain role shift now to Emma. She’s a different sort of killer, and Joe has to be pretty burnt and beaten-up if he is still alive. This could be seen as the best of every world in that you keep all of the same actors and keep a story that is familiar, but also freshen it up.

This does ultimately bring us to what is the third option: Going in a completely new direction with a new big bad. You could bring in one of Joe’s followers from overseas and have them start to wage war on Ryan, but would the same sort of connection be there? You could build it, but given the cliffhanger we have a feeling that executive producer Kevin Williamson wants to hit the ground running.

Do you have a sense of what you want the story for “The Following” season 2 to be? If you want to read some more scoop from Kevin Bacon on a possible time jump, be sure to check out the story here.

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