‘Hell’s Kitchen’ review: Is this where you would want your quinceanera?

Hell's KitchenIn watching Tuesday night’s new “Hell’s Kitchen” episode, there is really one thing that we learned: Why in the world would you choose to have a quinceanera in a place that is so chaotic and volatile? There is nothing that better represents becoming a woman than having to sit in a functioning TV kitchen and listening to Gordon Ramsay swear at people while sometimes smashing a fish with his fist. This was ugly, loud, funny at times, but more often than not intense.

Let’s start here with the “shocking” news: The guys cannot win a challenge to save their lives. While they have occasionally done better in dinner service, for whatever reason these boys in blue just cannot figure this out for the life of them. It’s rather sad, really, since there is only so much entertainment that we can get out of witnessing just how cocky some of the ladies can be in their post-victory celebrations.

The only good news for the guys is that after being punished by being forced to endure a pretty elaborate cleaning session to prepare for the young teenager’s traditional celebration, there was a level playing field. They could still bounce back! Unfortunately, only some of them did. Zach, who we have long believed to be a possible favorite on this team, crumbled like old cheddar during the actual service, and quickly became the target time and time again of several loud shrieks from our famed chef. Meanwhile, we’re not altogether sure that the Red Team did that much better. Amanda struggled for the second week in a row, this time with appetizers. While this was happening, Nedra had an assortment of issues managing the chicken station.

When it comes to the decision, Ramsay went with something we could have seen coming from a mile away: Amanda. She was a pretty decent chef in the early stages, but struggled so much recently that this exit was pretty inevitable.

Are you sad to see Amanda go? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below!

Photo: Fox

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