The Chi season 6 episode 2: Who is digging into Q’s death?

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Coming into The Chi season 6, we already had a good sense of what happened to Q already — he was killed thanks to Douda. It was a pretty clear reminder of the power that this particular character has and beyond just that, some of what happens to those who cross him.

Of course, it was also fair to assume entering this new season that there would be a certain measure of consequences, but where they came from was at least a certain source of the mystery. Now, we at least have a partial answer to some of this. Rob is going to start digging into some answers into what happened to his uncle, though it took getting a good financial incentive to do so. This will be a storyline that starts to play out in episode 3, but where will it go?

Ultimately, what does make this one effective is that it really combines a few different elements of what this show does so well, whether it be the complicated political climate of the city to corruption to also characters each having their own secrets. It also gives us a chance to expand a little bit more of Q’s world beyond what we have seen in the past. (We know that there were, ironically, people who thought he was dead already before he turned back up.)

Do we think that this investigation into what happened to Q is going to last all season? Probably not, but we do feel pretty confident in saying this: Rob better watch his back. After all, we tend to think that the further he gets into all of this, the worse off it will be at the end of the day.

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