‘New Girl’ season 2 finale spoilers: What you won’t see from Taylor Swift

New GirlIt would have to take a big-name guest star on the “New Girl” finale in order to take attention away from Nick and Jess to go along with the Cece wedding, but Taylor Swift seems to have somehow managed to do it. To make things even more astonishing, she has found a way to do it without even having much known about her character. Thus far, all we really know is that she will be playing the part of Elaine, a guest who shows up for the occasion. (The fact that the half-hour is entitled “Elaine’s Big Day” makes it even more unusual.)

So did Taylor give a winning performance? It sure sounds like it, but there is one thing that you can be 100% positive that you are not going to be seeing her doing in the finale: Singing. Speaking to E! News, Liz Meriwether confirmed that there would be no singing from Swift during the episode. Meanwhile, she also explained what the experience was like working with her on the show:

“She’s a fantastic actress. She did such a good job … Our set is a fun set to come to, but it’s also a little bit crazy because there’s a lot of improv and people shouting out extra jokes and she completely held her own and did such a great job with it.”

Is it possible that Elaine could put in another appearance on the show someday? We wouldn’t rule it out, but given that Swift is such an enormous star, it seems a little unlikely in the vein of Katy Perry appearing on “Raising Hope” for another episode.

Are you excited more for Swift’s appearance, or to see whether or not Cece actually gets married? If you want to watch a preview for Tuesday night’s episode all about Schmidt’s birthday, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Fox

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