‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8, episode 23 review: Are Ted and Robin [spoiler]?

How I Met Your Mother“How I Met Your Mother” Monday night did not necessarily make any major moves to the future, but what it did do was almost as significant: Focusing on some stories that allowed for some characters to move towards the future.

But first, a big ol’ groan to the past. When Robin had a problem finding an old locket of hers in the park, one that was supposed to be her “Something Old” at her wedding, she received a visit from someone who gave up quite a lot in order to be there: Ted. Specifically, he gave up a job interview in order to be there with her, while at the same time Barney and her father blew her off for a game of laser tag.

Did this mean that we were about to see Ted and Robin move closer to being together again? We can’t say that, mostly because this has been a one-sided relationship for many years. Unfortunately, Robin was extremely disappointed to learn that her locket was gone, and she took this as a sign that she and Barney weren’t going to work. We don’t know what to make of the closing scene this week, which featured Robin clenching Ted’s hand in the rain. We don’t think that she is trying to re-open this door, but she is seemingly forgetting about how emotionally vulnerable Ted can be.

As for the Marshall and Lily story, this was all about the two trying to find a way to move on with their own future in Italy. If you recall, they are getting ready to move there for a year, and both they and Ted had to be willing to give some things up in order for it to happen. One such thing was a bean bag chair, and one that they decided to keep in the midst of everything that they started to give up.

What did you think about this “How I Met Your Mother” episode, and do you wish that we were getting a little bit closer to some major moments given that the finale is next week? If you want to also check out some more videos from this episode, be sure to hit up the link here.

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