NBC’s ‘The Office’ series finale spoilers: Will Michael Scott return?

Steve CarellAll season long on “The Office,” there has been questions regarding whether or not Steve Carell would actually reprise his role as Michael Scott during the series finale on May 16. For the vast majority of time, the answer to this question was a rather simple “no,” but is that starting to change now? Based on the latest bit of news coming out now, it appears as though the “world’s best boss” may in fact be making one final appearance.

According to TVLine, Carell will be a part of the series finale, albeit likely not in a way that overshadows the episode as a whole. Much of the reason behind the actor’s hesitation to come back for the show has been geared around his fear that the episode would somehow become all about him, so if we had to guess, he has managed to find a way to work this out so that he will not end up playing a larger role than anything else that is happening. Expect it to be more of a cameo than anything else.

Meanwhile, representatives for the actor continue to deny that Carell is going to be turning in a final appearance at all as the character, with one of the possible reasons behind this being that they simply do not want to ruin what would otherwise be a pretty amazing surprise. Carell’s character is well-known for being one of the best in television history, and is a surprise that everyone wants to see happen. We’re just happy that the how is still a mystery here, even though it looks more and more like the if is for sure happenings.

Start pulling out your hankies now, because this is going to be an emotional finale. If you want to see what the actress behind Michael’s former flame Jan in Melora Hardin had to say about saying goodbye to the show, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: NBC

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