‘Mad Men’ season 6, episode 6 review: How did Joan react to news about Jaguar?

Christina HendricksOn tonight’s episode of “Mad Men” season 6 the name of the game is business, more specifically getting new business into SCDP. While some people at the company still prefer to do business the old fashion way (over drinks and pitches), Roger is taking a bit of a different approach and with that let’s get to the meat of tonight’s episode.

Roger: He is still on the prowl for women (younger, older, age doesn’t matter to him at this point), but these days it’s just not to get them into bed. He’s using a young stewardess he’s sleeping with to help get him leads for SCDP – a bit of a different perspective of sleeping with people to get business.

Jaguar: First Roger doesn’t show up to a meeting with Herb, then Pete has been giving him sass and finally Don tells Herb to find someone else to represent his company because SCDP are dropping him.

SCDP: The company is ready to go public and sell shares, which could resulting making the partners all very wealthy, but when everyone finds out that Don fired Jaguar the entire team melts down because this compromises the company going public. Joan on the other hand melts down for an entirely different reason – her efforts with Herb were all for nothing and she tells Don off in a way that he’s never been told off before. Luckily, Roger’s efforts are coming up with rewards as he landed a chance at Chevrolet. Unfortunately Don’s company has big ideas but is still relatively small, this is the same for Ted’s company (that Peggy works for) so they decide to merge companies and start to take on big clients (together they landed Chevrolet). This means Peggy is working for Don yet again and when she finds out she is quietly devastated.

Don and Megan: Megan’s mom is in town and she quickly notices that something is wrong between her and Don and suggests that she work a seduction on Don to bring the passion back into their marriage and it totally works.

Pete and Trudy: Things seem to be gong a little bit better for these two, which is surprising because we truly expected Trudy to have divorced him by now, but even though he’s acting like the good husband, he’s still sneaking around with call girls. While at one of these brothels he runs into his father in law who is with one of the girls and Pete loses his account with him for messing around behind his daughter’s back. Will Pete sink his father in law’s marriage in return? He tries to tell Trudy, but she doesn’t believe him and throws him out once and for all.

Peggy: She followed her boyfriends advice and the two of them moved into a more colorful part of the city, leaving them in a crappy apartment with noisy neighbors. When Peggy goes to the office to work late her boss kisses her in a moment of weakness, but apologizes immediately afterward.

What we really loved about this episode is that instead of “Mad Men” just focusing on the relationship aspects of the show they finally put the company and advertising first and foremost.

Were you shocked to see Don tell Jaguar to hit the road after everything that Joan went through to land the account or is this really just par for the course when it comes to Don? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think about tonight’s episode of “Mad Men” season 6.

Photo: AMC

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