‘Game of Thrones’ season 3, episode 6 preview: An interesting spot for Olenna

Game of ThronesWhile we may not know too much right now when it comes to the storyline of Lady Olenna Tyrell on “Game of Thrones” season 3, we can at least say one thing: She has her work cut out for her beginning with Sunday night’s new episode “The Climb.”

At this time a week ago, it felt almost as though Diana Rigg’s character was in a completely different sort of situation. She not only had Margaery slowly chipping away at King Joffrey, but she was also in a position where Sansa Stark was warming up to her, and the prospect of her marrying Loras Tyrell was being seriously entertained. Unfortunately, since that time Tywin Lannister has mounted a bit of a counterattack. He has arranged it so that Loras can marry King Robert’s widow Cersei, and that Sansa will marry Tyrion. How will Olenna respond when she figures out the news? Considering her mastery as an information broker, it surely will not take her very long to find out.

Olenna clearly looks concerned here in the photo, and is obviously trying to figure out what in the world she can really do in order to turn things around for the Tyrell family. There are still five episodes left, and if there is one thing that we have learned already about this series, it is that five episodes is a rather long time for things to change.

What do you think about the Olenna character: Do you root for her, or do you just wish that someone else could be pulling the strings? As always, we want to hear from you below! If you want to read some more news about what to expect during this episode, be sure to check out the story over here.

Photo: HBO

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