‘New Girl’ season 2, episode 24 preview: Nick and Jess’ morning after

New GirlSo what comes next for Nick and Jess on “New Girl”? It is certainly a worthy question, considering that the two have not exactly been the best at talking about their feelings, and hooking up is certainly a time in which people should really talk about their feelings.

We have a whole mess of sneak peek videos below from Tuesday night’s new episode entitled “Winston’s Birthday,” and while they are by and large out of order, there are a few things that we can make from viewing this preview:

1. Nick gets out of bed, and them promptly tells Jess to stay and wait for something. What is it? For the time being, that is the mystery.

2. Whatever happens here eventually leads to Jess’ father (Rob Reiner) showing up on the scene, and Nick telling him just about anything and everything that was on his mind. These are probably the last things that a woman’s dad wants to hear, though our favorite part is when he calls Winston “Wilson.”

3. From here, Jess becomes so preoccupied with helping out Cece that she keeps herself busy.

The rest of the video content covers a variety of different stories, whether it be Cece waking up with terrible marks on her face, Schmidt and Elizabeth’s relationship being so cute that we almost root for them more than we did with him and Cece, and Winston getting really disappointed that nobody cares about it being his birthday.

Does seeing this much of the episode in advance make you more excited to see what happens next on “New Girl”? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can read some more news when it comes to Cece’s upcoming wedding over at the link here.

Photo: Fox, video via SpoilerTV

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