‘All-Star Celebrity Apprentice’ preview: Don’t make Trace Adkins angry

All-Star Celebrity ApprenticeLet’s face it: The world on “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” is never going to be the same. We have only five people left on the show, and not one of them is named Gary Busey. Where are we going to get our mechanical dog action for the week?

With the dog off to the mechanical pound, it appears now that the show is going to go to a rather surprising place in order to find drama: Trace Adkins. The once even-keeled cowboy has been on a bit of a grumpy streak really ever since he got switched off of his own team, and his performance this season has had a few bumps in the road. He was a part of the Melania Trump spelling disaster, and Sunday night Marilu Henner throws him under the bus hard, saying that he was a curmudgeon in the task and didn’t really offer to help with much of anything.

So was Trace really this bad? We don’t know, but we do have a clip of him banging his head on the floor. This has in part been why we have been so continually confused about this season of the show. Trace should be the favorite on paper, but we’re not sure that he is despite his perfect record as Project Manager. Instead, it has to be Penn Jillette right now based on the fact that he’s won the vast majority of the tasks he’s been a part of, and has never been in any real danger at all of being fired.

Do you think there’s a chance that Trace could miss the final two, or do you think that Marilu is just trying to deflect some of her own problems on to him? If you want to read more news on the saga of Busey and his “dog,” be sure to check out the link here.

Photo: NBC

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