Jimmy Fallon interviewed Kentucky Derby-winning horse Orb (video)

Late Night with Jimmy FallonHow’s this for some rather interesting irony right before the Kentucky Derby? In promotion of what is quite possibly one of the most-popular sporting events in America, “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” this past week chimed in with a gag to interview one of the horses that would be competing at the big event.

Now, we’re wondering if future fans of the Derby are going to start paying close attention to who Jimmy chooses to sit down and “interview.” The horse at the center of the segment this year in Orb was declared the winner Saturday in a stunning come-from-behind victory, and of course made plenty of people at Churchill Downs rather happy. There were no other derby horses featured during the segment, so it’s not like only a small percentage of the animals featured here ended up faring well.

The actual segment itself was amusing, if not particularly notable. Thanks to the use of some pretty smart cuts, it was made to appear as though Fallon had some pretty strong reactions to some of what the horse was saying and doing.

After watching this video, the real question that we have now is what other major sporting events can Jimmy start to get involved in? Can he single out long-jumpers at the Olympics, or be the man that changes the tortoise-racing sport forever? If he keeps this up, he could someday achieve the dream of becoming the human form of Paul the Octopus, who became the hero of World Cup soccer prior to his passing. (Rest in peace, Paul.)

Do you think the reason for Fallon’s meteoric rise has been some sort of secret clairvoyance that we are only now becoming aware of? If you want to hear about some other events coming on the future “Tonight Show” host’s calendar, all you have to do is click here.

Photo: NBC

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