‘Saturday Night Live’ preview: Hopes for Zach Galifianakis, Of Monsters and Men

Saturday Night Live LogoIt’s been a few weeks now since “Saturday Night Live” has been on the air, and when it comes to expectations for this weekend’s edition of the sketch show, this is probably both a good and bad thing. While the primary positive here is clear that the writers have been able to devote some time to come up with some great material for you, the clear negative here comes in that the wait leads to there being even higher expectations than usual.

If you add to this Zach Galifianakis, then you may as well have the icing on the cake. Thanks largely to the “Hangover” franchise, the man has become a bit of a critical darling. However, we haven’t necessarily thought that either one of his past attempts at hosting this show were all that funny. At times, he was not utilized properly save for the occasional goofy sketch here and there, and his shows fell into the middle of the pack.

So is this his breakout show? We’re in the May sweeps, so we hope so. We figure that there will probably be at least one game / talk show sketch (since there is traditionally), but there are also a few things that we hope not to see:

1. The Californians – It’s an easy temptation given that Zach can probably do a killer California accent, but we’ve had enough.

2. An Obama cold open – We’ve really yet to find a single President Obama spoof to be particularly hilarious, regardless of who is playing the part.

3. Any sketches from Zach’s first two times around – If we can’t remember it after thinking for a couple of minutes, it is probably not worth repeating.

If you want to prepare for this weekend’s show by watching the official promo featuring the actor and Jason Sudeikis, you can do so over here.

Photo: NBC

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