‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 finale spoilers: Who are Tamara, Greg working for?

Once Upon a TimeThere are many levels of villains within the world of “Once Upon a Time,” whether it be an Evil Queen or someone who is just doing her bidding for a time. As it turns out, a few select people in the show’s real world have a similar hierarchy. At the moment, there is little question that Tamara and Greg are the season’s Big Bads, if for no other reason than that what they are trying to accomplish goes against the entire fairy-tale community. No one is safe, and with the destruction of magic comes the destruction of what makes the show special.

But these two, evil as they may be to our characters, are still working for someone. Who is it? Of course, executive producer Edward Kitsis is not going to give everything away just yet. However, he did explain to Entertainment Weekly that the “home office” that was discussed in a lengthy video peek at this episode is going to be addressed before the episode a week from Sunday comes to its conclusion:

“When you find out who the home office is, you will find out what they want but you won’t know the whys.”

Who could be running the show here? The real surprise would be if the person in charge here is someone that we already know, and never would have suspected of such a thing. However, it already seems to be pretty clear that they are not tied to either Regina or Rumpelstiltskin, so we have to assume that it is someone new, and prepare to be surprised if there is something else that happens instead.

As always, we welcome your theories on the originals of the “home office” below! Also, be sure to click here to read some more news on the upcoming “Wonderland” spin-off show.

Photo: ABC

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