‘Big Brother Canada’ interview: ‘Glitter’ Gary Levy on re-entering the game, strategy, vampires

GaryDepending on where you stand on the crazy ending to “Big Brother Canada” Thursday night, Gary Levy may be in many ways considered to be your winner regardless of how the voting went. It was only thanks to a voting snafu on Topaz’s part that he ended up losing, but regardless of what happened, he was nonetheless in a positive mood when we spoke with him on Friday.

Over the past two days, one phrase from Gary has really been uttered time and time again is “I didn’t come here for the money.” Since he had already gone through the emotional wringer about the controversial ending (as he even objects to people saying that he won), we really didn’t want to re-hash some of what has already been said online time and time again. If he cared about what happened or was upset at Topaz, he certainly didn’t show it.

Instead, what we had was a fun conversation with Gary on a variety of topics. This interview was part of a larger Q&A that he did with a number of outlets, so we’re just going to pull out some of our specific questions for him.

Cartermatt.com – So I think you’re the first player ever to come back to the game after being in the jury house, and that’s a big advantage. So how did you try to use that?

I twisted it completely. I knew that everyone didn’t really like Jillian that much because of what she did to them in the game. I told everyone that they respect her for getting them out of the game and they liked her … and I used that to try to get Emmett to take me [to the end if he needed to]. I think it worked to my advantage, but I don’t know [because I] won [the final Head of Household], and not Emmett! (Laughs.)

So what was it like being in the jury house with AJ that first week? Did he try to get you to practice his workout routine?

He talked and talked and talked! Me and AJ bonded over a lot of television shows; we have very similar interests in TV. So we watched a lot of shows together, and drank wine and had a good time and relaxed. He’s from Toronto, and [we had a lot in common].

What did you watch?

I’m not allowed to talk about [what TV it was], but there were vampires and fashion and sex!

Were you shocked when you found out about Marsha [and Marge] the moose?

I stared at them! They didn’t talk to me … But I liked them! They had the glitter [antlers] and I thought they were cute. I wish they would have talked to me, but I gave them names. I’m sure they were like ‘my name isn’t Henry’!

Do you know what the first thing you’re going to do when you get out of here is? Is there a certain food you want to have?

I’m going to take my mom out for dinner, we’re going to have a steak and lobster dinner and just chat. I want to know what’s going on in her life! I mean, I haven’t seen my mom in three months and she’s my best friend and we have a lot of catching up to do.

I have a lot of goals. I’ve always wanted to be in the public eye and having my own fashion line and makeup, and I like being on TV and corresponding, and doing styling and art and music. I’m 21, and I want to just do everything that I wrote out in that book when I was 16, you know? I want to do it all!

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