NBC’s ‘The Office’ season 9, episode 22 review: Jim makes Pam a priority, Dwight becomes manager

Jim and PamTonight’s episode of “The Office” brought Jim and Pam fans some real happiness for one of the first times this season and it was such a delight to finally see these two connecting in a real way, so lets just get straight to the meat of this hour long episode.

Jim and Pam: Jim decided to take some time off from his work in Philly to spend more time with Pam and things are looking up. The old spark we used to see between them in season 1 and 2 is back, but will it last once reality sets in that Jim still has to go back to Philly? A buyout offer comes in for Jim’s company that will take him away from Pam for 3 months, but he tells Daryl that he can’t do that to Pam and the kids and turns it down.  Pam overhears and while we thought she’d be happy about his choice, she looks contemplative.

Andy: He has been using company time and money for his new acting career and David Wallace has had enough, but before he can fire Andy, he decides to quit his job at Dunder Mifflin to pursue his dream. Everyone at work is trying to stop Andy from quitting his job to pursue acting by telling him that he’s making a mistake, so he asks Wallace if he can keep his job, but is told that he can stay on in sales but not as manager. He is completely miserable with his decision and decides to push Wallace into firing him so he has nothing to fall back on and it works. Is this the last time we are going to see Andy for the season?

Dwight: After Andy leaves the management position, Wallace considers bringing Dwight in as the new manager and after talking to Jim, Wallace is convinced.  He offers the job to Dwight and he is beside himself with happiness – it’s a moment we’ve all been waiting for and it was completely worth the wait. The staff is really excited for him and there’s a really nice moment between Jim and Dwight when he uses his new found power to move Clark out of Jim’s desk and then offers him the job of assistant to the Regional manager – which of course Jim happily accepts.

Angela: She is a complete misery, because the landlord of her building took away all of her cats then evicted her and has actually pushed her to start drinking at work. Oscar offers Angela a place to stay until she can get back on her feet and she’s thankful for the help and admits to him that she’s still in love with Dwight.

Are you happy to see Dwight finally the manager of Dunder Mifflin? Was it nice to see the old Jim and Pam back to their old selves? Do you think that this will be the last time we will see Andy?  Leave us a comment and tell us your opinion of tonight’s episode of “The Office” season 9.

Photo: NBC

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