‘Big Brother Canada’ spoilers: Finale preview; who will (and should) win?

Big Brother CanadaAs we’re writing this, we’re getting set to head out to the “Big Brother Canada” house in order to cover the finale live on the scene. This means that we will have interviews with all of the houseguests coming up in the next 48 hours, along with some talk about changes that the show should make to its formula if it wants to keep going into a season 2 (which we are hoping that it will).

So for the finale, here’s what you can expect to see in the event that you are new to the franchise:

1. A three-part final Head of Household Competition – In the American version, one part is endurance, whereas one part is somewhat skill-base and the third is a test of memory. We’re not sure if the show will adhere to this or not in Canada, since they may want to shake things up a little bit. The winner of the first part should advance directly to part 3, where they will compete against the winner of part 2.

2. An eviction – the final HoH will pick who they want to sit next to at the end of the game. Just for the sake of reference, the final HoH has won the vast majority of times in the final two; season 9 was the last time in America that the person brought to the end actually won.

3. A jury deliberation – You will get to see where the jury’s heads are at leading into the voting process, along with who joins them at the last second for the final vote.

4. The vote, and the declaration of the winner – There’s really nothing else to say here.

So now, we turn to the last question: Who will win, and is this the same as who should win? In this case, the answer is yes to both questions. Emmett has played the best strategic game this season, and while Jillian has won more Head of Households, he has won more Vetos to level the playing field. We think that Jillian will probably be the final HoH (since she is a beast in endurance , but she will make a poor move and take Emmett with her to the end. That’s right: We’re going against tradition here of the final HoH winning. Jillian has a noted enemy on the jury in Topaz, and she, Peter, and Alec are assured votes against her. While she probably has Talla and maybe Andrew, AJ likes to be one of the boys, and Gary owes Emmett for getting as far as he did.

Who do you think will, and should, win “Big Brother Canada”? If you want to read a deeper analysis of the jury this season, be sure to hit up the link here.

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