‘Best Ink’ season 2, episode 5 review: A comedy of errors

Best InkThe “Best Ink” tradition of having innovative tattoo challenges continued on Wednesday night’s new episode, in particular since the show incorporated something that we always love to see on our reality competitions: Comedy. To us, there is really nothing better than a roast, especially when it comes with people who can take the jokes really well.

This is what made the flash challenge this week the best of the season, since it literally allowed the artists to draw caricatures of each other so that they could start to mock them to a ridiculously high degree. Tylor’s take on Alli, complete with the constant highlights of her insecurities, was probably the most brutal and also the best. Therefore, we’re happy that he won. We didn’t really like the whole “night on the town” part of the reward, mostly because it takes you out of the world designed by the show.

As for the elimination challenge, it was all about trying to create funny tattoos for some skins based on some real memories that they had. Yes, the show did somehow find a way to incorporate a few sob stories in there as usual, but we’ll always applaud the chance to see a vegetarian in Jarod actually have to draw a bacon garter belt on someone. We didn’t think that there were any real disasters in the bunch, but there were a number of artists who gave middle-of-the-road work by the judges standards.

So was Ralph really the right person to leave? We don’t have a concrete answer to that, but what we do know is that his fortune cookie / squirrel tattoo didn’t really have the energy or the humor that we were hoping to see, which is especially sad since he seemed like a pretty good guy. The only benefit that comes from him leaving is that it reduces the number of balding men with semi-beards on the show. In between DJ, Derek (who still thinks he is the greatest artist alive), and to an extent Jarod (who at least is lacking the beard), we already have plenty of them.

Overall, what did you think about this “Best Ink” episode? Be sure to share your thoughts below! Meanwhile, you can watch a video clip from this episode over at the link here. For those looking to watch live, “Best Ink” airs new episodes Wednesdays at 10 (Eastern) on Oxygen.

Photo: Oxygen

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