‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9, episode 22 preview: Alex and Jo’s face-off

Grey's AnatomyIf you are a massive fan of “Grey’s Anatomy” and of the Alex / Jo pairing, brace yourself, as the following clip may very well turn you into a weeping mess.

On Thursday night’s new episode “Do You Believe in Magic,” we are going to see what happens in what is not a magical situation whatsoever. Alex is clearly in love with Jo and upset that she is with another man, so he of course is going to be extremely unstable being around her. This isn’t exactly fair to Jo, and to an extent she may not also be aware of some of the vibes that she has sent off to cause Alex to feel a certain way.

Basically, what you see below is something that could happen on any sort of romance story: Alex tells Jo in a rage that he is done dealing with women like her, and they agree to try and keep a distance from each other. While in real life this would probably be the end, we sincerely doubt that it is for them. After everything that Alex has been through since the beginning of the show, do you really think this is how Shonda Rhimes wants the story to end?

There are only three episodes left for this season, and there is almost assuredly going to be some significant movement that happens in this story before that time. We’re not necessary saying that they will get together or that the story will be tied together in a neat little red bow of love, but there has to be some sort of reason to have hope over the course of the lengthy summer waiting period.

What do you want to see happen with Alex and Jo? If you want to check out another preview from Thursday night’s new episode, be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: ABC

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