‘Big Brother Canada’ spoilers: Putting Talla into the equation

Big Brother CanadaWe are now just mere hours away from the “Big Brother Canada” finale, which means in turn that we are extremely close to answering the question that is on just about every player’s mind: Who is going to win? We’re going to have a little bit more on that question in a few hours.

For now, we wanted to take a look primarily at a certain just-evicted houseguest, just to see where she will officially fit into the jury equation now. (Think of this as a compliment to our recent “a look at the jury” article.) The gift about Talla is that she is not seemingly bitter about anything, and is a longtime fan of the show. The combination of the two means that she is probably going to vote for who she thinks played the best game, and not necessarily who she likes the best out of everyone that is there.

If it is Emmett / Jillian – This is probably the tightest battle for many jurors, but while many of them will choose Emmett, Talla’s going to hold Emmett voting her out against him and pick Jillian. Plus, there is a natural friendship there with Jillian, and Talla respects her game.

If it is Emmett / Gary – We think that Talla would vote for Emmett, even though she does love Gary. We just can’t see her wanting to support someone who was voted back into the game, especially when she would have otherwise been a lock for final three.

If it is Jillian / Gary – It’s the same as above, except even more of a sure thing that Talla will vote to give Jillian the money.

Who do you think that Talla will vote for as a juror? If you want to read even more news pertaining to her eviction from the game, just be sure to head on over to the link here.

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