‘Dexter’ season 8: Showtime’s new promotional video all about ‘excuses’

DexterShowtime needs to be given some sort of gold star for their masterful promotional strategy of “Dexter’s” final season thus far. It seems like we have something different to talk about every day, whether it be character teasers, fun videos behind the scenes with the actors, or a synopsis detailing the general plot of the episodes ahead.

For their latest trick, the network has unveiled what has to be their greatest retrospective for the series yet: A look at some of Dexter Morgan’s greatest excuses over the course of the show’s run. When you make a living while killing people on the side, you have to be pretty shrewd when it comes to reasons to leave certain destinations on the fly. This means that you will say almost anything, whether it is that you have to go eat lunch, have to take care of your son, or that a crocodile has eaten your dog.

The funny thing about these excuses is that as ridiculous as most of them are, they all really seemed to work. The only reason that Deb even found out Dexter’s secret was because she was trying to do her job as a detective, and not because she was trying to catch him in an act or ever doubted an excuse that he was telling her. What is so entertaining about the show now is watching her roll her eyes at some of the claims that Dexter throws in her direction.

What do you think of this video, and do you think it is possible to even have a favorite out of the group mentioned here? If you do want to check out the aforementioned full synopsis, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Showtime

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