‘Mad Men’ season 6 spoilers: Matthew Weiner already looking to the end

Mad Men season 6Based on what Matthew Weiner said on the NPR show “Fresh Air” recently, it is almost fair to say one thing about the man: He is already trying to do everything he can to prepare people for an ending to “Mad Men” that they may or may not like. After all, there is probably not a more difficult task to do on any show than try to find a way to satisfy everyone, and that also increases interest when you work on a series like this, especially when there are moments time and time again (see Joan’s storyline from last season) that leave some viewers angry and other thrilled.

While chatting to Terry Gross of the radio organization, here is what the creator / showrunner specifically had to say on the subject of how the show could end, which could happen as early as next year:

“You know the show is going to end on an ambiguous note. My god, people must be prepared for that. . . I mean, you know what? There is—honestly, I can’t even tell what closure is to this audience. I had an ending of the [third season] where they were starting a new agency. Don had moved into an apartment in Greenwich Village. His wife is on a plane to Reno with her lover and her baby. And people were like, I wonder if they’re going to be married next year.”

Therefore, what we are probably going to be left with here is an ending that really makes people wonder what is going to happen next. For imaginations everywhere, this is probably a reason to rejoice. However, we also imagine some others saying that they would like to see a flash forward to the 1980s or 90s, just to see where some of the characters are and who is still alive.

How do you want to see the “Mad Men” series end? If you haven’t watched our preview yet for Sunday night’s new episode, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: AMC

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