Manifest season 4: How deleted scene could set up spin-off

Manifest season 4

For those of you who have been wanting something more from Manifest season 4 after the final episodes’ launch on Netflix, we now have it!

In a new post on Twitter this week, showrunner Jeff Rake shared a deleted scene from the end of the final season, one that could have a pretty widespread impact on a number of different characters within this world. After all, we are talking here about a scene where Vance, back in 2013, literally watches Daly explode right in front of him! Vance does not have any recollection of what the first time around with Flight 828 and because of that, will have all sorts of questions about not just this, but the 11 missing passengers. The latter was a storyline that did make it into the final cut of the series finale.

So why cut this scene out in the first place? Well, you can argue that it too directly sets up a spin-off that may or may not happen (though a lot of us want it to). Meanwhile, it may also have just felt too off tonally from the rest of the story. The missing passengers alone are a pretty interesting setup for another series.

As for whether or not Netflix is seriously considering a Manifest spin-off at the moment, the primary thing we can say for now is that the flagship series is performing extremely well in terms of viewership on the streaming service. This is the sort of thing that, at least on the surface, would want to make you fairly optimistic that more would be coming.

However, it is hard to put anything in development for however long the writers’ strike lasts. We hope that at some point soon, a deal is reached that is fair for what the writers are asking for. Without them, we would not have a fantastic show like this in the first place.

What do you think about this deleted scene, and are you still hoping for a Manifest spin-off?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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