‘Dexter’ season 8 spoilers: A comprehensive look at the episodes ahead

DexterAs a way to perhaps build up excitement even more for the remaining twelve episodes of “Dexter,” Showtime released some of their first official details about the series’ finale season on Tuesday. This meant detailing one of the major storylines, including something that we never knew was previously going to be part of the story:

“Dexter stars Michael C. Hall in his Golden Globe and SAG Award-winning role as Dexter Morgan, a complicated and conflicted blood-spatter expert for the Miami police department. Season eight begins six months after LaGuerta’s murder – and Dexter is still managing life as a dad, brother, and serial killer. As Deb (series star Jennifer Carpenter) struggles to deal with the consequences of her actions, a mysterious woman comes to work with Miami Metro, offering first-hand information on Dexter’s past.”

We’re not going to bury the lead here, as the revelation is the “first-hand information” that is coming in. We had heard rumors that the season would focus more on some of Dexter’s earlier years, but had not heard that this was going to be coming courtesy of a new character.

So who is this woman? The easy guess is Charlotte Rampling’s character, as she is playing the part of a criminologist who specializes in young psychopaths. She may not know that Dexter is a serial killer, but she may have very well studied his case, including what happened to him at an early age. This may frighten Dexter on a whole new level, since someone this smart could easily figure him out.

As for the news that Dexter is still killing after LaGuerta’s death, this is hardly surprising. As a matter of fact, it is in ways expected given some of the characters’ selfish actions as of late. Deb will continue to suffer, and he will continue to feed his dark passenger.

If you want to take a behind-the-scenes look at the new season of “Dexter” courtesy of star David Zayas, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Showtime

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