ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 2 finale spoilers: Kerry Washington on ‘shocking’ mole reveal

ScandalDo you think that you have it figured out who the mole is on “Scandal” season 2? Well, it turns out that you may be wrong still, courtesy of what one of the show’s stars in Kerry Washington (who would certainly know a thing or two about this story) is saying now.

Speaking about the finale to TVLine, which will contain the big reveal, the actress explained that even she did not necessarily see the big reveal coming. Not only that, but this may not be the only surprise during the hour that puts you on the edge of your seat:

“It’s so shocking … So, so shocking. And so good. One of the things the show does so well is they mostly do these, like, one-two or one-two-three punches. So it’s not usually one cliffhanger; it’s usually a shock, and then another couple of shocks — and that’s kind of how that goes down.”

These comments may end up changing things from even our perspective; we have no inside knowledge on who the mole could be, but it does feel that there are some candidates that are more obvious than others. Almost anyone could in theory end up being the person responsible for the leaks, though we do imagine that both Olivia and Fitz are probably safe, if for no other reason than that neither of them have any motivation for doing this, and that would destroy the whole “we’re rooting for them” feeling associated with the couple.

Does your opinion about “who is the mole?” change based on what Washington is saying now? If you want to read some official details during the finale courtesy of ABC’s press release, be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: ABC

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