‘New Girl’ season 2, episode 23 review: Nick and Jess’ hilarious first times

New Girl Season 2“New Girl” has been hyping up Tuesday night’s new episode “Virgins” for as long as we can remember, and as it turns out, they were doing so with a very good reason in mind. This was a ridiculously off-the-wall, funny episode that tried to accentuate the strangest moments for some of these characters in a key part of their lives: When they had their first experience in the bedroom.

The episode was almost set up like a competition as to who had the most embarrassing story, but what you may be just as interested in right now is what happened at the very end of the half-hour.

Cece – This story was very brief, but also funny in that it wasn’t an embarrassing story at all. She was at the prom, and she ended up meeting (and sleeping with) Mick Jagger. This seems completely ridiculous, but also works to show the divide between Cece and some of the show’s other characters. It wouldn’t have felt right if she had suffered through a humiliating first time, right?

Schmidt – This produced one of the best moments of physical comedy ever, as Fat Schmidt wrestled with Nick on the ground after getting himself covered in lubricant at the wrong time. To make matters worse, Schmidt also managed to get it all over Elizabeth. Romantic? Not so much.

Nick and Winston – There were ladies of the night, but Nick did not want anything to do with them. This was mostly embarrassing in that Nick’s father tried to buy the women for him and his pal, and what we realized from this is how much we’re going to miss Dennis Farina on this show moving forward.

Jess – Our major problem with this episode is that it had set things up that Jess and Cece had met the guys before, but her real first time experience involved her and a guy from her prom getting stuck inside of a castle in the park … which was just about as embarrassing as possible, and the fire department was involved.

Now, we have to get to the real big moment of the episode, as pretty much all of the characters tried to have a new romantic experience, whether it be Schmidt and Elizabeth 2.0, Nick and Jess (that happened!), and seemingly Winston and his other half. The best moment of the entire episode? Knowing that Jess’ last words were a hilarious “ruh roh” after she and Nick hooked up.

Did you find this week’s “New Girl” to be especially hilarious? Be sure to share your thoughts below! Meanwhile, you can also check out some early scoop on the finale by heading on over to the link here.

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