‘Hart of Dixie’ season 2, episode 21 review: Did Zoe and Wade get back together?

Hart of DixieThe drama really hit the fan on “Hart of Dixie” season 2 now that Zoe has gone from Wade and back to George telling him that she still has feelings for him.  He told her that he wasn’t interested in her anymore and is happy with Tansy, but is this really the end of George and Zoe? Let’s look at what unraveled this week.

Zoe, George and Tansy: Zoe apologizes to George for saying she has feelings for him and tells him she’s starting to online date, so not to worry about her feelings anymore. George tells Tansy about what Zoe said and she is upset, but George tells her not to worry because he’s only interested in Tansy. Zoe goes on a few dates and no one seems to really click with her, but after Wade pokes fun at her for opening up about her feelings for George she decides to give one of these guys a real shot. Unfortunately the guy she tries to date doesn’t want to date her because she brings too much drama to a relationship. Tansy confronts Zoe about trying to ruin her relationship with George and Zoe admits that there is something wrong with her and she apologizes to Tansy for what she did.  The apology doesn’t really help and Tansy doesn’t believe that George and Zoe don’t have feelings for each other and asks George to leave Bluebell with her to have a fresh start away from Zoe.  Unfortunately George has to let Tansy go and their relationship has come to an end. As for Zoe, she shows up at Wade’s house asking to spend the night with him to help forget her drama troubles.

Brick and Shelby: When Brick and Shelby tell Lemon and Magnolia about the brain tumor and engagement they are really upset the way they found out and are even more upset when they find out that Shelby left him when she though Brick was dying. Magnolia gets a nose ring and starts acting out to show how inconsiderate it is to make big life decisions without consulting the family.

Wade and Lemon: They have some repairs that need to be done to the Rammer Jammer and Lavon tells them the place needs to be shut down until everything is fixed. When a contractor comes in and robs the place things start looking worse for Lemon and Wade. Lemon goes to Brick and asks him for a loan, but Shelby suggests that she goes to a bank, because she has been doing so well not asking for a hand out and standing up on her own two feet.  Lemon is at first upset about the decision, but later she realizes that Shelby is right.  Even though Brick told Shelby to be more involved in the family decisions, he tries to sneak out and give Lemon the money causing a fight between them where it is revealed that Brick is actually upset about her leaving him when he was sick even though he said he wasn’t. Brick talks to Shelby and tells her that he wants to marry her right away, that he needs her to be committed in a really serious way and they agree to elope out of Bluebell the next day.  As for the Rammer Jammer, Lavon comes to the rescue by bringing the townsfolk together to help get the repairs done for free.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Hart of Dixie” season 2? Are you happy to see George and Tansy broken up?  Were you shocked to see Zoe go to Wade’s house for comfort?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you want to see happen in the finale.

Photo: CW

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