NBC’s ‘The Voice’ review: Ryan Innes, Michelle Chamuel, Vedo take on knockouts

The VoiceLast night on “The Voice,” one of the biggest issues that we had with the knockout rounds was simply that the coaches paired some of the wrong people against each other, which most notably resulted in the tragic loss of a personal favorite in Midas Whale.

Tuesday night’s round was in some ways was just underwhelming. There were a few standouts here and there, but in between the performances and some of the decisions actually made by the coaches, we did not get that much more excited about the live rounds than we wanted to be leading into this episode.

Savannah Berry vs. Justin Rivers – What a weird pair of songs for two adult country singers to do: Justin Bieber against Miley Cyrus. We don’t completely get either one of the song choices, though it was clear from this end that Savannah did a much better job with it. This is why we were surprised to see the end result be something different. Winner: Justin

Holly Tucker vs. Luke Edgemon – Holly has the edge from the get-go, mostly because Luke was the man who was starting over on Blake’s team after coming over from Shakira. In addition, Blake almost made it apparent from the start of the critique that Luke almost had no showmanship. Blake didn’t think he brought enough to the routine. Winner: Holly

Danielle Brabery vs. Taylor Beckham – This was a really dark song choice for Taylor in “Russian Roulette,” and we’re not sure that we would have done it considering that it does not really appeal to Blake’s sensibilities. We’re also starting once again to wonder why Blake is so intent on just staying true to country music this season. A little boring, no? Winner: Danielle

Grace Askew vs. the Swon Brothers – This was the last chance for a duo to actually get into the live rounds, but the Swons were unfortunately up against a favorite in Grace that combines country with blues. However, the guys managed to pull this off, even with a “Drift Away” performance that was okay, but not necessarily stellar. We’re just curious at this point to see what these guys can pull in with public voting. Winner: Swon Brothers

Josiah Hawley vs. Jess Kellner – Usher’s first battle of the night was really a pretty uneven competition, and we also suspect that there may have been some strategy that was thrown in here. Josiah is a very good-looking man, and Usher has to be pretty cognizant of the fact that he could get a great deal of votes. Winner: Josiah

Audrey Karrasch vs. Michelle Chamuel – We don’t know how to be nice about this, but really did not like what Audrey did here at all. She was screechy, out of tune, and her stage presence left something to be desired against the fun and effervescent Michelle, who is a much more natural and experienced performer. Winner: Michelle

C. Perkins vs. Vedo – This was an appropriate battle, since it was two guys with similar talents trying to square off for a spot on Usher’s team. It was also the most predictable battle of the entire night. Vedo is a guy who has developed a good rapport with Usher all season, whereas C. Perkins is someone Usher was just trying to get to know. Winner: Vedo

Cathia vs. Ryan Innes – The final performance happened with two artists that really don’t have much in common musically. Cathia is a Latin singer, whereas Ryan is pure soul. Cathia really brought it here, and we were impressed after what we thought was going to be a one-sided battle. In the end, Ryan’s loss was the stunner of the night, but justified: Cathia was simply in control more, even if she may not be as big of a draw with voters.

Who was your favorite from “The Voice” this week? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below! If you want to also read some of our highlights from Monday night’s episode, be sure to visit the story over here.

Photo: NBC

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