‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4 spoilers: Tyler Blackburn departs to ‘Ravenswood’ spin-off

CalebEver since the “Pretty Little Liars” spin-off “Ravenswood” was first announced, one of the biggest questions associated with it was if there was really going to be any real connection between the town and Rosewood save for just a Halloween special, and the proximity within the state of Pennsylvania. Luckily, we now have an official answer to that.

On Tuesday, ABC Family confirmed that Tyler Blackburn was going to be the first major character from the flagship series to be heading to “Ravenswood” as a full-time regular, where he will be taking on the part of Caleb yet again. It’s exciting news for the new show, and certainly a smart way to get viewers excited about it from the get-go.

However, there are also some questions that come with this courtesy of some of the show’s diehard fans.

1. Is he done with “Pretty Little Liars”? Considering that the spin-off debuts in October, we do anticipate him having a slightly smaller role in the flagship show since the two are filming at the same time. However, there will always be crossover potential.

2. What does this mean for Caleb and Hanna? It’s better not to read anything into that right now, since they could still very much be together and living in nearby towns.

3. Why Blackburn? The answer is easy: Executive producer Marlene King obviously wanted to give “Pretty Little Liars” fans a reason to check out the new show, and this one makes sense, given that he is one of the more prominent cast members here save from the leading ladies (who cannot separate).

What do you think of Blackburn’s casting, and are you worried as to what it could mean for the future of Hanna and Caleb? If you want to read even more scoop related to Ali on the show, be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: ABC Family

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