‘Big Brother Canada’ spoilers: A look at the jury

Big Brother CanadaWith the finale for “Big Brother Canada” just two days away, it’s time to indulge in another tradition that we cover for the American version of the show: Trying to predict how the jury will vote. This is no easy task, especially since we do so often have to deal with people who are in a weird environment, where they may be some people trying to poison the bitter players instead of voting for the best player no matter how devious they are (this is Big Brother after all).

What’s our general take on the group? There may be a few bitter people in there, but really, they seem like a pretty good group as a whole. Topaz is clearly the person who is still the most upset about what happened to her, but by and large, the game will probably be judged this time around by who played it the best (at least if Emmett is an option for voting).

Note that there are some spoilers below for those who did not see the Power of Veto results on the live feeds prior to them going down on Sunday. You’ve been warned.

Likely votes

AJ – Out of everyone in the game, he may be the biggest mystery in that he really took nothing personal. With that, he is probably the most likely to pick the best player, which means Emmett if he is in the final two, or Jillian if he is not.

Alec – We can’t imagine Alec voting for Jillian in a million years thanks to her frequent lying for no apparent reason, and Emmett is going to largely depend on if he has had the time to really cool down. Alec had such a meltdown at the end of the game that there’s almost a part of us that thinks he could vote for Gary / Talla if they makes it that far out of spite.

Topaz – Had Jillian not done her so dirty, that probably would have been her vote. She’s a lock for Gary if he makes it that far, and she’d take Talla over the showmance. If it is Jemmett at the end, Emmett is the better of two evils.

Peter – We can’t see Peter being a particularly bitter player, and he could actually vote for Jillian over Gary in the end despite threats not to. He would for sure vote for Emmett and the end, and Talla’s a wild card if she really makes it that far.

Andrew – At the moment, he’s probably the biggest question mark. His alliance with Talla wasn’t really that much of an alliance, so he probably would give it to somebody in his east coast group. The only question is who. If it is a Emmett / Jillian endgame, he may be the only person to vote Jillian.

Talla (if a jury member) – Based on what we saw right before the feeds went down, she is probably on the jury. Not only that, but she is probably going to vote for Emmett or Jillian over Gary. Despite her having a bond with the latter, she was in the house long enough to know that him getting to come back in wasn’t particularly fair.

Gary (if a jury member) – Emmett easily has his vote over Talla or Jillian. Since he values competition wins, he would probably vote for Jillian over Talla in a final two, mostly since Talla would have probably been dragged there.

Emmett (if a jury member) – He votes for Jillian, hands-down. She’s guaranteed a spot in the final two if he leaves.

Jillian (if a jury member) – See above. Not that easy to figure out.

The general consensus here is pretty clear that if Emmett makes it to the finale, he wins pretty handily no matter the competition. The only person with a real shot against him is Gary, and that is if Topaz somehow convinces three other people to join her in the voting. Gary’s odds are slightly better against Jillian, and Talla probably has no shot at all if she even makes it that far.

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