Silo season 1 theory: Is Holston still alive?

Silo season 1As we dive deeper and deeper into Silo season 1, it opens the door (of course) for more fascinating conversations and theories. Yet, for the sake of this piece, we want to focus more on a discussion that has been present since the very start of the show.

Is Holston still alive? What are the chances of that? On the surface, it feels easy to say that he is 100% dead, based on the video feed everyone saw within the Silo. The truth, however, may be a little more complicated than that.

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Before Holston even made the decision to head outside the compound, he did a copious amount of research in order to determine one thing: Whether or not Allison was right with some of her assumptions about life on the outside. When he figured out she was, he left, taking a huge chance that what was presented was actually fake. At this point, we are inclined to believe him! Do not be surprised if later on down the season, we find this character out there with his wife.

So how could this happen? There are a number of fun theories out there, including that the Silo is playing a fake video feed. Or, it’s possible that these two were captured and brought somewhere else, and this whole thing could be some sort of elaborate, decades-long science experiment. There has to be some evidence as to what is going on within the compound. It is possible that George knew something more, and that is why he is gone.

So who could know the truth?

You can argue it could be someone in Judicial, but we’d almost find it more interesting if it was an everyday resident among the group. Isn’t there a fascinating case to be made that some of the biggest answers here were hidden in plain sight? We at least like to imagine so.

Do you think that Holston could still be out there on Silo season 1?

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